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Braj B. Kachru Sudent Award

The International Association for World Englishes (IAWE) is pleased to announce it will present again this year the Braj B. Kachru Student Award, which will be given for the best paper presented by a student at the Association's international conference. The award is named in honor of Professor Braj B. Kachru, whose influential scholarship helped establish the field of world Englishes, and is in recognition in particular of his exceptional commitment to student scholarship throughout his career.

The award carries a US $800.00 check prize as well as a cash reimbursement of the current year's IAWE membership and conference registration fees. IAWE 22 will take place at Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY, USA from June 30 to July 2, 2017.

To be considered, students whose abstracts have been accepted for presentation must submit an application to the President of IAWE, currently Prof. Cecil Nelson of Indiana State University (, by May 15, 2017.  

The application consists of the following, all of which should be submitted via e-mail as MS Word documents and/or PDFs:

1.) A completed application form (Download: MS Word Application 2017 or PDF Application 2017),

2.) A 1-2 page curriculum vitae,

3.) A copy of the accepeted conference abstract, and

4.) A written copy of the conference presentation.

The written copy of the presentation must not exceed 3000 words, excluding references. A list of bibliographic references / works cited must be included with the written submission, although, again, this will not count as part of the maximum word limit.

Applications will be reviewed on the quality of scholarship in terms of both the written draft version submitted in advance and the oral presentation at the conference.

A committee composed of IAWE officers and/or editorial board members for the journal World Englishes will select and announce the winning paper at the international conference.